Don’t call it a comeback!!

I found this gem this morning:

Basically, it’s a greatest hits album from the mid 90s. I hadn’t heard this since … I am gonna say elementary school?? Since my drive to work is pretty short .. I only had limited time to get the level of nostalgia I needed …. so I quickly skimmed through all the songs.

Remember this hot jam?

Sooo goood!!! hhaha I had totally forgotten about this song .. such a “smooooooooth jam”  lol LL Cool J is hilaaarious
“Honey coated complexion using Camay.  Let’s hear it for the girl, she’s from around the way”

Camay:Which .. reminds me of ….

“I’ve been in the game for ten years making rap tunes! Ever since honeys was wearing Sassoon!”– Dr.Dre

Anyways ..  Here is the tracklist:

1 I Can’t Live Without My Radio
2 Rock the Bells
3 I’m Bad
4 I Need Love
5 Going Back to Cali
6 Jack The Ripper
7 Jingling Baby (Remixed But Still Jingling)
8 Big Ole Butt
9 The Boomin’ System
10 Around The Way Girl
11 Mama Said Knock You Out
12 Back Seat
13 I Need a Beat (Remix)
14 Doin It
15 Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv Remix)
16 Hey Lover
17 Ain’t Nobody (UK Bonus Track)

Also … today’s poll….

Nice! .. I can add polls

On a random note … I just sent this video to my home girl ….

…. it’s like Snapshot Stories!! lol 0:36 … this is a funny video .. I LIKE IT!

K bye!


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